$7m Obstacle Course

To the Editor,

Hmmmm…Let me make sure I’ve got this thing right. $7,000,000 for a super highway up the West Fork; zero for the road to the ski hill. Are you kidding me? 98 percent of the traffic must travel on a muddy washboard, while the other 2 percent glide easily to nowhere. The thought of this allocation of resources overwhelms and nauseates me.
During the 28 years I have been skiing the mountain, I have seen very few functional improvements. Our community thrives only because of our visitors. Does it make sense to have an obstacle course on the route to the mountain? Is there another dirt road in Montana that has this amount of traffic? I don’t think so.
Perhaps we could spend millions for a couple of round-a-bouts to facilitate access to the obstacle course?
I’m sure no one wants to take responsibility for this travesty. Who’s in charge here? This is a sad state of affairs resulting in excessive road costs and aggravation to all who use these facilities. Come on, Red Lodge, this ain’t rocket science, it’s common sense.

D.E. (Doc) Smith
Red Lodge