And in closing…..

To the Editor,

When I came to Red Lodge in April of 2008 to work at the Boys & Girls Club I wrote a letter of thanks to the Editor for the warm and friendly welcome my family and I received. I find it only fitting that I close my career with the Boys & Girls Club with another note of thanks.

I am grateful for the strong community support the Club received during my tenure there. Your support helped create a beautiful facility for community use. Your support helped us stay true to our mission of encouraging and empowering youth to reach for excellence.

I am grateful for the team of Board Members I’ve had the pleasure to work with these past six years. Each one of them has always kept the mission of the Club at the forefront of every decision. This most recent decision to reorganize the Club structure took great courage and leadership. I know what a caring group of people this is, so I know how they must have agonized over this weighty decision. I am grateful that they shielded me from having to bear that weight with them.

Finally, I am grateful to God, who always has a plan for our lives. This turn of events has actually been an answer to prayer, allowing my family and I the opportunity to look to new adventures. As we move forward in an exciting new direction, we will continue to support the Club. I pray you will too.

Sincerely, Jody Ackerman