BEC members must express concerns

To the Editor,

Trustee, Lee A. Freeman is going to depose director Arlene Boyd and examine Beartooth Electric Cooperative on Friday, Sept. 20.  He has the right to do so, however it does appear to be intimidation and BEC members also have the right to express their  opinion.  

More than ever BEC members now have information to draw on that will help us make wise decisions about our future. Personally,  I don't want to be served by any board that refuses to examine information and silently and blindly acquiesces to deals made without it's input. Because of that I support and commend our current board and the work of the various "member" committees including, Due Diligence, Finance, Communications and By-laws. I appreciate all  the work and openness of the last two years and have confidence that Arlene and our attorneys have acted not only openly but properly.   I also have grave reservations about Mr. Freeman’s plan which requires BEC to continue to buy power from a reorganized Southern which has already imposed a great financial burden on our co-op.

While Mr. Freeman clearly doesn't think it proper for BEC directors to inform their members, I doubt that he can take action against members who wish to express themselves to him and each other.   To share your opinion with him contact:

The mailing address is:

Lee A. Freeman, Jr.
Trustee, Southern Cooperative Bankruptcy 
P.O. Box 1295

Livingston MT 59047  

To read recent and historical information about BEC and the Southern Cooperative Bankruptcy simply log onto  

Gretchen Nolan
Red Lodge