Belfry incident ends with two arrests

Two men were taken into custody June 14 after a Carbon County S h e r i f f ’ s d e p u t y responded to a shooting incident in Belfry. Bruce Oliveria and his son Shawn Oliveria were ar res ted af ter attempting to hit a man with a vehicle and then a pipe wrench according to papers filed at Carbon County Justice Court. Both men appeared before Kevin Nichols, Justice of the Peace on Monday charged with assault with a weapon. Bail was set for both men at $50,000. They will appear at District Court June 25. According to court documents, the arresting officer, Jon Croft, concluded that Shawn Oliv e r i a “ s t ruck Fr e d Andrews twice with his vehicle” while Bruce Oliveria “swung a pipe wrench several times at Andrew’s body.” An investigation is on-going.