Belfry Medieval Faire

Photo by Alastair Baker Heidi Olson wears a Hennin, a popular form of head wear for women in Medieval times.

A Cross-Curricular Medieval/ Renaissance Unit was held at Belfry School this week, allowing the students to interact with history. The students, who dressed up and made many castles, learned about kite making, alchemy, falconry as well as enjoying a Maypole dance, a puppet show, jousting, and a catapult display. They also learned about a female musician called Beatriz de Dia, who wrote and performed songs 500 years ago. Only one of her written pieces survives today, called ‘A Chanter M’er’, and can be found on youtube. "Kids get excited and it leaves avenues for being creative," said Jason Olson, Superindendent, “this is real world stuff. Sometimes in the teaching field, you get stuck in the book. The school board and the community have been very supportive of this type of teaching.” For more photos please click here.