Belfry native wins fight at Bone Daddy's Fusion Fight League Rumble

Belfry native and MMA winner in her weight class, Danya-Dee Web (third from left) stands with trainers (from left to right) Corey Sittner, Britani Grundhauser, Will Grundhauser at the Bearthooth Rally Fusion Fight League Rumble.

With her Belfry family and Roller Derby friends cheering her on, along with her mixed martial arts (MMA) training, Danya-Dee Webb won her weight class at the Beartooth Rally’s Fusion Fight League Rumble. On July 28, Webb, a Detention Officer at the Yellowstone Detention Facilities, entered the rink at Bone Daddy’s for the first time with confidence. Such confidence held strong as she brought down her opponent with a standing guillotine chokehold.

Webb attributes her win to many factors including: continuous support from her husband, hard work, and expert training she receives from The Grindhouse MMA Bootcamp owners/instructors, Will and Britani Grundhauer, who encouraged her to enter as she had the right skills to win the fight.

“I did expect to win. I have great trainers who wouldn’t put me in a situation where I would be defeated. I felt confident in what they were teaching us, plus I grew up being pretty feisty,” Webb said. As a Belfry Bat, Webb explained she was had to be tough to help defend her cousin from bullies and sometimes “had to fight the boys.”

Webb will further use her strengths in upcoming fights including the Billings Battle at Beartooth Harley Davidson, Aug. 17 at 7:30 p.m.