Big Trouble in Little Berkeley


To the Editor,
Corporate rights are the one issue I thought Montana voters needed to examine more closely when it came to our vote in 2012, and I argued this in my letter to the editor of 11/15/2012.
I wonder if Mr. Muth is aware that many Montana corporations are family farms and small companies organized as corporations to structure payroll, taxes and mitigate liabilities. 
Not all corporations are “robber barons” or “vulture capitalists” as insinuated by Ms. Levine in her rather unfocused letter of November 29th.
To be fair, it’s quite possible that Muth and Levine simply have no real association with Montana economics or with our Main Streets. Neither may understand the part corporations play in Montana’s economy. Mr. Muth and Ms. Levine may not know how tough things really are for small farms and small business in Carbon County.
As I see it, the biggest problem with “corporations” seems to lie with a certain “Frankenstein” corporate structure.
Not a business’s a “not for profit” creature that generates what everyone’s calling “dark money”.
This “non profit” corporation, the 501(c)4, is not required to disclose donors publicly. 
“The lack of disclosure has led to extensive use of the 501(c)(4) provisions for organizations that are actively involved in lobbying, and has become controversial. ….Criticized as “dark money,” spending from these organizations on political TV ads has exceeded spending from Super PACs. …... they may also participate in political campaigns and elections, as long as its primary activity is the promotion of social welfare. (from Wikipedia, of all places).
Now for the news flash. 
Obama just morphed his substantial leftover campaign finances into a 501(c)4 “non profit” corporation. 
A 501(c)4 corporation like the 501(c)4 corporation called American (Western) Tradition Partnership that every lib in the country – and Carbon county - is frothing at the mouth to denounce.
Obama now has a huge pile of bucks called Organizing for Action (OFA) and it is largely tax exempt. It can take and spend nearly unlimited money from many sources. Even now, according to Politico and other news outlets, Organizing for Action is soliciting money from Lockheed-Martin. Citi, Duke Energy, Microsoft, Walmart and the “Democracy Initiative”.
Will there be howling and wailing and gnashing of teeth from lockstep leftists worried about the possible political influence of Obama’s “non profit” 501(c)4 corporation and the specter of the immense “dark money” it could easily generate?
The stench of hypocrisy hovers thick over certain areas of the Rocky Fork.
I do not expect any objections concerning OFA from Little Berkeley anytime soon. 
Fortunately, the commonsense contingency representing Montanans in Helena is working to blunt the power of the “dark money” juggernaut – regardless of the source or ideology.
I long for the federal government we Americans should have.
A true Republic. 
Of the People. By the People. For the People.
I pray it will not perish from the earth.
Annette Anderson

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