Brajcich to resign as Superintendent

Mark Brajcich, Superintendent of Red Lodge Schools, has tended his resignation as of June 30, 2014. In a letter to the CCN he said the decision was a “somber” one but felt that for the benefit of futur e s tudent s educat o r s shouldn’t “Retire before they Retire.” He talked of his style being “obsolete” and making way for a person who will “flourish” under the “quality of board, principals and staff” available to them. He called his position as Superintendent for the last 15 years the “Best Job in the State” although he acknowledged that education is going through “a considerably difficult and trying time.” Brajcich thanked those he has worked with down the years. Brajcich helped usher in Red Lodge’s first new high school building in 47 years when in 2009 a $7.3 million school building was completed that included a 2,300 capacity gym at an additional cost of $2.4 million. He and his family will remain in Red Lodge.