Bridger Courage

Courtesy Photo (Front left to right) Jalynn, Madison R, Kadance, Madison B, Annika, Elizabeth. (Back left to right) Jennifer Birrer, troop leader, Breanna, Officer Peters, Crystal Jones troop leader.

Bridger Courage Bridger Girl Scout troop 2070 and 2063 have been working on what courage and strength is and how you use it in your everyday lives and how some others have to use it more. Each girl had someone they knew come in and talk about how courage and strength is a part of their life. They listened to Kathy Normile who has struggled with sickness and has defeated it and how she never let it get her or her family down. Following that Bridger Police Officer Codi Peters talked to the girls about what kind of courage and strength it takes to do her job as an officer. The girls did a project with officer Peters and asked her many question. This visit also tied into our newest patch of “Be Anything, Do Everything” that highlights women in many different roles in our society.