Burdick named Citizen of the Year

Photo by Alastair Baker

Travis Burdick got a standing ovation when he was announced as the 2014 Citizen of the Year award at the Red Lodge Chamber of Commerce event held tonight at Red Lodge Pizza Company. He was awarded the honor for his work with children and "trying to get them to a better place in life," said presenter Glory Mahan.

"I really appreciate it, I love living here, it's a place where I feel I can be myself, thank you," said Burdick.

"Travis is rally good man because he always treats kids the way they should be," said 6 year old Aiden Freeman, who is pictured here with Burdick.

Lee Cooper, President of the Friend of the Library, quickly joked, "he's a good man because he also treats old people they way they should be.”

Mitzi Vorachek spoke of the honor in hiring Burdick to DSVS. "He's done a great job with Power Up Speak Out and done an incredible job teaching kids about having healthy relationships. You are one of my favorite people in the whole world. You are a magnificent human being."

Kelly Heaton, DSVS Executive Director, said "you're a great person and you really deserve this." First Interstate Bank sponsored the awards which were made by Back Alley Metals.