Carbon County 4-H hits stride with first Open Horse Show

Carbon County 4-H hosted its’ first 4-H and Open Horse Show on Saturday, June 22, at the Home of Champions Arena in Red Lodge. The show started at 9 a.m. with boys and girls of a range of ages participating under constantly threatening skies. The rain cooperated and held off for their performances, making for a dramatic backdrop at the outdoor arena.

Ages started at 9 and the kids were professional and enthusiastic. The show was exciting and well executed, thanks to the participants and the steady hand of Judge Ward Fenton. He made sure to notice each participant by stressing the positive in each performance giving each young individual not only tips on how to improve but honest assessments to make them feel proud about their horsemanship.

Danni Nardinger 13, said, “I’ve been riding my whole life. Bareback riding is like you are one with the horse.” She competed on 17 year old Chancy in Western Horsemanship Equitation, Horse Level 2, and Western Level 5. She also entered two showmanship competitions-and came in first place for both, she said with a big smile. Carley Thune, 15, came from Joliet and has been riding for over 10 years. Riding JD, 14, bareback, she said, “You feel kind of lazy (with less tack) but yet you are learning all the time. It makes you have a good seat.” 4-H activity continued all this week with Horse Camp Tuesday through Friday.