Carbon County Schools move on construction

Courtesy photo Fromberg High School installed new copper pipes this summer for new heating system.

During summer, the students may have been enjoying their vacation, but the work never stopped for Carbon County schools, which underwent some maintenance and repairs. Projects included: additions to school safety devices, energy efficiency improvements, general upkeep and other construction assignments for the 2013-2014 school year. To further school safety protocol, Red Lodge schools Superintendant Mark Brajcich said they recently installed new door locks and shades in the classroom so teachers can cover the windows. The schools have also increased surveillance and put in a new, more effective phone system. Superintendant of Bridger, Bill Phillips explained the projects that crews worked on this summer. “We are engaged in an energy efficiency project that will stretch over the next year. The money invested in this process will be saved in the next years because we were tremendously inefficient in energy use in many areas. The engineer assigned to our school…Tyler Bush…has been busy sealing the envelope around the school, updating lighting, putting in motion sensors, and insulating pipe in our boiler system.” Bridger also had its gym floor repainted and repaired. “It looks as close to new as we can afford for now,” Phillips said. Joliet Schools also made some necessary improvements. According to their monthly newsletter, ‘We are finishing our roofing project over the high school wing which was much needed as the old roof was over 20 years old and starting to leak. We are adding digital locks to all of our exterior doors & software to lock down the building at set times to increase student & property safety. We are installing new doors on some entrances to help increase energy efficiencies & adding new carpet & paint in areas of need. We will also be adding more interactive white boards in classrooms & computers.’ In Fromberg, Superintendent/Principle, Teri Harris said they are in their final stages of the heating and ventilation construction, which started in June.