Cemetery in poor condition

To the Editor,

Over 40 years, I have visited Red Lodge frequently to see dear friends.  I originally come from a small town in Nebraska about this size, but am astounded at the many possibilities for art, restaurant quality, recreation, health, and commercial enterprises of interest -- compared to my hometown, this is a remarkable place to visit and enjoy.  Just this past week, we drove up to your nearby mountains and again marveled at the view, went to exhibits at the depot where I purchased an exquisite art collage by a Red Lodge native, Jim Bakens.  

We went to multiple excellent restaurants, and noticed all the new establishments enriching the Red Lodge experience, went to the book and tea shop, and found gifts in several places. However, one area of your quite incredible and diverse community deserves attention.  The local cemetery is lacking in regular care.  I visit there with my friend, where multiple members of her family are buried.   

The mausoleum floor is covered with flies and other debris; the lots are not well-tended and need mowing.  Dead flowers abound and some of the other floral arrangements are turned over and scattered.  The community here was built on the strength of these ancestors, and I would urge your community to make a concerted effort to take care of the cemetery in the same way its citizens have contributed to making this an enjoyable destination. With love of your community and many thanks for my time here,


Lynda Tredway

Washington D.C.