Ceremonial aspect not enough

To the Editor,

Tom Weaver can be commended for wanting to serve the residents of Red Lodge as Mayor. He is willing to put in his bid to be elected.
The duty to which he aspires actually requires a good working knowledge of how city government functions in order to be of benefit to the people who finance the operation through their taxes and assessments.
It would be nice if Red Lodge could afford a main street ceremonial ambassador. Information learned from visiting with residents and business people can go along way in guiding the government of the City.
In all fairness to Mr. Weaver, the knowledge of the real process of administering the position of Mayor can only best be gained by experience as a Councilperson or serving for a considerable time in working closely with Council members. The obligation of this office cannot do justice for the public by merely being ceremonial.
Ed Williams has done due diligence in working within the City government and has demonstrated the knowledge and interest necessary to be an effective Mayor.
Thomas Jefferson said, “People deserve the government they get.” Election day will determine what kind of government Red Lodge will have.
Brian Roat

Red Lodge