The changing of America

To the Editor,

We have a Government of indecision, deception, lies, and most everything despicable. Is it any wonder our "Allies" don't trust us? I am not for anymore military conflicts but we have a president who writes executive orders when he can't have his way. This man is a puppet in the hands of the money people, the power grabbers and all those who would destroy us. Have you ever asked yourself why do we have such a defunct congress?

They do nothing but sit back and collect there ill begotten pay checks, perks, pork barrel money, special medical coverage, and only God knows what else while we pay the bill, again and again. We need to stand up to all viable threats to our country and put pacification in the basement for another day. In case you don't know it we are losing our country, our religious beliefs, our freedom, our democracy. What does it take to get you to do something to turn this around?

John Drezen

Red Lodge