Christmas Spirit Alive and Well

To the Editor, I really hadn't had much of a Christmas spirit this year. Thanks to a group of Belfry residents, both kids and adults, that all changed. On Wednesday evening, Dec. 11, a knock came on the door and when I opened the door there stood a number of caring Belfry residents singing Christmas carols. It had been years since we had carolers come by. Those folks will never know how much I enjoyed and appreciated their caroling. They were, also, excepting donations of non-perishable items for those in need of them. Also, in the small town spirit, the same group of caring people had a Christmas tree decorating and lighting on Main street. It resides through the holiday season across the street from the grocery store. I think it is a fine looking tree and they did a great job decorating it. It looks really great at night all lit up. But best of all, is knowing that there are some good folks in the area that care about the town and the people in it. Seeing those kids getting in there already and getting involved shows a lot of town spirit and promise for the future. Merry Christmas, everyone. Gary Hill Belfry