Colvin pleads not guilty to sexual assault

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero

Calico Colvin stands as Judge

Blair Jones listens to Public

Defender Gregory Pascal (far right)

Calico Colvin, 32, of Joliet, appeared in District Court, Carbon County in Red Lodge on Wednesday, April 16, with her attorney, Public Defender Gregory Pascal. She pled not guilty to two charges, one of sexual intercourse without consent, and one of witness tampering.

Her attorney requested she be released without bail.

Carbon County Attorney Alex Nixon objected. “There are some even more disturbing events” he told the court. He said the alleged victim’s father saw the alleged victim, 16, coming out of the defendant’s residence, (after the no contact order was issued) and that since that time, the youth has recanted his testimony, saying it was a lie.

Pascal said that if it were true, which was not known, it was entirely initiated by the alleged victim, and would not constitute a basis for setting bond.

Nixon said the defendant violated the no contact order. A prior consent decree was obtained from the alleged victim to the order.

Nixon argued, “It has unraveled this family. It has eroded their ability to parent; it has eroded the trust in their former family friend.” He said the facts will become clearer when they obtain electronic communications.

Pascal said the defendant is law abiding, is at the hearing, denies generating any contact, was a student, has a job, has a child and is “not going anywhere.”

Judge Blair Jones released the defendant without bail but with conditions. Colvin must obtain a residence outside of Joliet and not reside in Joliet pending further proceedings. She must have “absolutely” no contact with the alleged victim.

A date for further proceedings will be set.