Dear Luther Public School community


To the Editor:
Even though the Luther School mill levy failed by the smallest of margins, (the May 13 Luther Board canvas results showed 107 ballots cast with 53 for and 54 against), we want to thank all of those who took time to vote and participate in the democratic process.  Luther School teaches essential lessons about our government as well as our rights and privileges and protections that come to all of us through our right to vote.  Our staff and students understand that just one-voice matters and that their obligation is to be present in the democratic society in which we live.  
Although we wish the outcome could have been different, we want to thank the all of you who did vote and who stepped up to the responsibilities associated with a free society.  We will continue to work hard to make sure that Luther Elementary School will continue to be the K – 8 rural school looking after the individual needs of each and every one of its students and staff.

The Luther School Board
Jerry Scott
Carbon County Supt. of Schools