Drilling to begin in Red Lodge

Pioneer Technical Services, Inc. (Pioneer) is conducting this investigation for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Aug. 4 and is expected to last approximately 6 weeks.

Work hours will be 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The primary objective is to gather information to evaluate subsurface conditions and assess the condition of abandoned underground coal mine tunnels and pillars in the vicinity of several homes within the City of Red Lodge.

This information will be utilized to assess the potential of mineinduced subsidence. Historic mine maps indicate there are two levels of mine workings under most of the proposed borehole locations. Eight boreholes will be drilled through the abandoned mine workings. The depth to the mine workings and bedrock quality immediately above and below the workings are critically important components of the investigation.

The drilling work will be performed in two phases: Phase I drilling work wi l l invo lve dr i l l ing through the upper 100 feet (approximate) of gravels and boulders to bedrock and installing a temporary steel casing. Phase II drilling will involve a different type of drill rig which will set up over the steel casing to core the under-lying bedrock. Core samples collected from this work will be used to evaluate the occurrence or potential for subsidence due to collapsed mine workings. This work will also verify the presence, location, and condition of mine workings or coal seams.

The drilling phases will likely occur concurrently, with Phase II work starting as soon as the first casing is installed.