God Bless the Fromberg Volunteer Fire Department

To the Editor,

I would like to thank our Fromberg Volunteer Fire Department.  On Dec. 11 when they and the Bridger and Edgar volunteers were called to the Little Cowboy Bar and Museum.   It was an extremely cold and windy afternoon, everything was freezing up, they endured and did a great job of knocking down the flames.    I would especially like to thank one young firefighter who picked up some picture frames and Heston Belt Buckles, and gave them to me. I no longer own the Cowboy, but everything in the museum was mine.   The new owner, Randy Wike and his cousin and manager Lori Skov have been doing a wonderful job and best of all they plan on rebuilding.   Thanks to a caring and wonderful community, volunteers who put duty above self. God bless you all.

Shirley Smith