A good word about Jason Priest

To the Editor,

I have know Jason for 5 years. In all of that time, I have never seen him be anything short of kind, gentle and compassionate with his children, family, friends and associates. He has been a dear friend to me and my family. He has been an inspirational soccer coach to my son, helping him with confidence and self discipline and good sportsmanship. Jason has taught my son to be strong, selfless and to hold his head high, no matter what comes his way. I believe that Jason is a good man and a good friend. Anyone who has spent time with him can see it. It bothers me to see town folks jump to judgment so quickly at the drop of a trouble. Most anyone, having gone through or going though a divorce, knows that a partner can push buttons and pull on heart strings. I urge people to stop for a moment and think. There is an old adage, "question the motives of those who accuse."

Annette McEwen

Red Lodge