Grateful generosity


To the Editor:
I would like to take this opportunity share how grateful I am for the generosity of the businesses and citizens of our community. It is such a wonderful thing to know that the people in Carbon County stand with the Boys & Girls Club, sharing our belief that the health and well-being of our youth is vital to the health of our neighborhoods and towns. I would like to give sincere thanks for all the support we received at our recent Rocky Mountain Chefs Invitational. This fundraiser was a great success largely due to the generosity of local businesses and individuals who contributed time and resources, knowing that their donation will help us give kids the tools to be more courageous in the face of adversity, respectful of themselves and others, and civic-minded thinkers. 
Each year the Club provides youth enrichment programs in the Arts, Sports, Fitness & Recreation, Education & Career Development, Character & Leadership Development, and Health & Life Skills. Annually, the Club serves, on average, 675 youth across Carbon County. The Rocky Mountain Chefs Invitational helps cover 13% of the annual operating costs for these programs.
Our work has just begun. In the face of rising insurance costs and more competitive state and federal grant opportunities, with budget cuts left and right, the challenge to serve Carbon County youth is greater than ever. We need your support to continue to provide quality, enriching services to them. Be proud that you are a partner in an organization so critical to the future health of our communities.
In gratitude,

Jody Ackerman
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Club