Halloween Horrors

Photo by Merv Coleman

Winners of the Lion’s Club Halloween contest at the Red Lodge Elk’s Lodge were: 0 to 2 yr old 1st: Twink O’Shea 2nd: Nick O’Shea and John Morgan 3rd: Johan Grimes and Daffney Scott 3 - 4 yr old 1st: Grace Owen 2nd: Emilyn Bandecar and Keenan Grimes 3rd: Sid Upton and Anthony Hernandez 5 – 6 yr old 1st: Maddy Shuck 2nd: Ella Hiltner and Marilyn Gelby 3rd: Maya Gentry and Ryan Swanson 7 – 8 yr old 1st: Owen Reynolds 2nd: Emerald Van Hook 3rd: Rayden Dunlap and Paige Spencer 9 - 10 yr old 1st: Greyson Nix Jackson 2nd: Isaac Lohoff O’Shea and Anna Hanson 3rd: Sofia Hiltner and Malcolm Mann 11 - 12 yr old 1st: Bannock Kisthard 2nd: Zach Russell and Saige Okkim 3rd: Emma Krall and Melody Hollis 12 and older 1st: Cam Stevens and Darcy Hadley 2nd: Sheila Richardon and Brook Moray 3rd: Ashley Still, Brianna Lemire and Zach McDonnell For more photos please click here