Healthcare details omitted

In response to the Nov. 14 opinion letter titled "Liars, Crooks and Thieves, oh my..." a few important details were omitted. The Affordable Health Care Act was based on an American Heritage Republican Think Tank document and Romneycare as instituted in the State of Massachusetts, Governor Mitt Romney's prized achievement. When health care was first being discussed, Senator Max Baucus nixed any attempt to legislate single payer or extended Medicare insurance. Senator Baucus refused to bring any legislation like that out of committee. The Republican design was used hoping for Republican support. That is why each state has its own exchange. That is why the act is privatized. That is why there are choices for customers to choose from. That is why it is designed to be competitive. A mandate, an individual being responsible for his/her own personal insurance, has always been a Republican tenet. Ninety-five per cent of Americans have employer provided insurance and are unaffected by the Affordable Health Care Act. The five per cent who have been using EMS rooms for their care and those who do not qualify for Medicare are affected. Many of those Americans have junk insurance, and they are the Americans receiving the insurance notices so they can purchase better quality insurance that meets standards. The web site was contracted out, or privatized, a Republican tenet. Security at Benghazi was also privatized, and the evidence of the quality of security was recently on display on "60 Minutes". The IRS checking on the supposed non-profit 501c3 and 4s was doing exactly what it was suppose to be doing, protecting our treasury. The recent revelations of NSA was also the result of privatizing. The debt has decreased more under this President than any President in the last 50 years. The national debt increases are the direct result of two unfunded wars, an unfunded Medicare Part D program and incredible special tax decreases for the very wealthy who have now accumulated monstrous wealth unequaled in the history of the world. The House of Representatives controls the nation's purse and not the President. President Reagan was the last president to offer amnesty to illegals. Alabama and Mississippi farmers found out what happens when undocumented workers left their states; their crops rotted in the fields for lack of labor. We are very far from being a socialist country; we are very close to living under a plutocracy. Personally I am very thankful for veterans, students insured on their parents' policies, those children and adults with pre-existing conditions, senior prescription assistance and disabled persons are now benefiting from Affordable Health Care which is funded. Terry Riley Red Lodge

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