I was here first

To the Editor, 
I have been fishing The East Rosebud Creek most of my life.  Enjoying the valley that God gave us.  In my minds eye I cannot imagine power lines running the length taking power out. I know the water levels through each season. I’ve been there and know if water is taken out to run the turbine half of the year there would be no water. Fathom that stretch of creek bottom with the lack of wildlife as well as the impact on the fisheries upstream and down just tears at my heart. The impact on the valley way out weighs the electricity generated.
 We have our cabin set to out live me and to go on in our family. I hope there are other people that can look far down the road of life with the thought that there is more than the need of this little power plant. How much electricity can this project produce and how much money will it make for Roger Kirk and his family in the future. His kids or my kids? All I have to say is I was here first. 

Gordie Blevins
Red Lodge