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To the Editor,

My name is Terry Riley, and I am the volunteer writer for the Red Lodge Community Center article. I am writing in response to Dianne Wyss and Annette Anderson’s letters in the May 1, 2014, Carbon County News. I thank the editor who provides the process and vehicle, and our free and open society, that allows for public discourse of the important issues of our electoral process. I thank Ms. Wyss and Ms. Anderson for reading the Center article and taking the time to respond. Our democratic elections are important to each of us, and, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to choose the best possible candidate. We can only do that by learning as much as possible, and educating each other, about each candidate. Representative Howard and Mr. Berglee were warmly welcomed, treated with courtesy and respect, and had unfettered access to talk with any member of our Center both times they visited with us. When speaking, each gentleman stated his belief in anti-government, anti-abortion, anti-second amendment restrictions, anti-taxes and anti-Obamacare. Having been a Barry Goldwater fan in my younger days, with the exception of Obamacare, I have been hearing these talking points for some 50 years. Representative Howard did provide a handout on Obamacare stating that the handout had been created by a centrist organization titled The Heritage Foundation. I read the handout which did not seem centrist at all. After consulting with other members I researched for several days and read data for hours. We all have easy access to countless sources with credible and documented information while others have no substantiation.

The Koch family information is easily found. The foundations they support, what these foundations do, and how much money the Koch’s donate to each is easily found. Dark money is not. David Koch’s 1980 political platform is published in many sources as are the family’s strategic strategy, final overall objectives and objectives already successfully accomplished. The Koch brothers have inherited a fossil fuel fortune. Charles Koch has expanded the family fortune and economic power, and David has increased their political power I shared those research results in my article. We do want to have Representative Howard and Mr. Berglee visit us again and speak about what they plan to do, if elected, to represent all of our district’s citizens.

For an extended time I lived and worked in a country, home to a wonderful people that had an oligarchy type of government. The vast majority of people lived with the sun, a life of subsistence. Infrastructure was almost non-existent, no healthcare, tuition based education, limited land for agrarian use, and women were the work animals for the nation. There was no tax base so government was limited with few police and no fire protection except for the oligarchs who lived well. I returned to the US with a deep appreciation for this country, shedding Goldwater, and happy to pay taxes which better our common good and welfare.

Terry Riley

Red Lodge

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    Rock Creek Group meets Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8 a.m. and Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m. at Calvary Church, 9 N Villard, Red Lodge.
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    An Overeaters Anonymous group will meet every Saturday at 10 a.m. at the Grace Fellowship Church, Absarokee.