It Takes a County to Care for 14 Dogs Left Behind

To the Editor,

On August 3, The Carbon County Sheriff's Office responded to a welfare check to discover resident, Sue DeWitt, had unexpectedly passed away leaving behind 14 dogs and no one to care for them. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank so many who made it possible to quickly come to the aid of the dogs and provide for their safekeeping until new homes could be found. They say it takes a village and many hands...this is testimony to a tremendous effort. And as a reminder, if you have not made emergency arrangements for your pets, please take a moment to plan for their ongoing wellbeing and make your family and friends aware of your wishes.

All 14 dogs were surrendered by family members to Beartooth Humane Alliance for care and re-homing a few days after the discovery. Our deepest gratitude goes to the following for their part in ensuring the safety, sheltering, and provision of a new, loving home for these animals whose lives were turned upside down so suddenly. First Responders - Carbon County Sheriff's Office, Debbie Padgett and Monica Anderson for being at the scene and corralling all the dogs for transportation. Temporary Sheltering - Bridger Vet, Grizzly Peak Animal Hospital and Red Lodge Vet for immediately admitting the animals into boarding and tending to their medical needs. Foster Homes - Tonya Davison, Tom Kohley, Jeanie Prater, Sheryl and John Shark, and Cassie Watters for responding to our plea for foster homes and taking in a dog (or four!) within a day of the family relinquishing care to BHA. Your homes provided the attention, care and TLC they so desperately needed after their ordeal followed by 3 days in a boarding kennel. Transport - Debbie Padgett and Alicia Padgett for coordinating and transporting four of the dogs to their new homes in Florida and New Mexico. And a special thanks to all the local adopting families for opening their hearts and homes to 5 of the dogs who are happily  thriving in their new homes.

Only three dogs remain available for adoption. Finally, a huge thank you to the Stepping Forward Foundation and individual donors who have made memorial donations in Sue's name to help support all the sheltering, food and medical costs. Time after time, this community bands together to come to the aid of those in need. BHA is proud to be a member of this community and grateful for your compassionate help.  

Diane Zook

President Beartooth Humane Alliance