John Cordes of Roberts wins mustache award

“All natural, no product,” is the trick to John Cordes’ boldly quaffed handlebar mustache. Cordes, who manages the newly opened Heavy Horse Bar in Roberts was recently awarded the second annual STACHE achievement award-- Stately Team for Appreciation Contributions to Hair Excellence, March 30. Presenting the “priceless” check to wrap up “Mustache March” were the three STACHE board member of the grassroots organization-- Svein Newman, Cameron Abell and Nick Olson.

According to the press release, “After an exhaustive public search for the best nose neighbor around, John's 'stache reached all the way from Carbon County to wrap its waxed tips around our hearts,” said STACHE co-founder Nick Olson. “His tenacity and dedication are commendable, and an inspiration to us all.”

Thankful for the recognition, Cordes described his facial hair, which he started growing a little over a year ago. “It started to curl for management purposes, otherwise it just gets crazy,” adding that the weather also can affect its shape and style.

While honored to get the award and appreciates the growing culture in facial hair, Cordes has found his mustache “a force field for other women,” which is the only reason his wife likes it.

“The sad thing is, it’s mostly men who are enamored with it.”

Not only a deterrent for other women, a TV station reported, “Cordes also believes that an intense mustache is the only way to ward off zombies in the event of a zombie apocalypse.”

This is the first mustache competition Cordes has entered, but not his last. He hopes to join Beard Team USA to enter the National Competition and compete at the Montana Beard and Mustache Finals at Red Ants Pants Music Festival.