Joliet FFA Alumni Third Annual Coyote Hunt

The Joliet FFA Alumni recently sponsored their third annual coyote hunt, Jan. 3, at the Boyd Community Center.

Here are the results: 1st – Jeff Cardarelle and Paul Meyers – 5 Coyotes – prize $1,700 (split the registration pot 50/50 with the Joliet FFA Alumni)

2nd – Cody Krook and Roland Redfield – 4 coyotes (112 pounds) – prize Buckles and vests with the logo

3rd – John Flanagan and Jeff Royce – 4 Coyotes (95.8 pounds) – 2 $50 Scheel’s Gift cards – donated by Scheel’s (since there was a tie for 2nd and 3rd places, the tie was broken by the total weight of the coyotes for each team)

Heaviest Coyote – 34 pounds – Cody Krook and Roland Redfield – prize 2 $25 Scheel’s gift cards

Lightest Coyote – 17 pounds 9.5 ounces – John Flanagan and Jeff Royce

Prettiest Coyote – (decided by vote by attendees) – Josh Alexander and Chip Alexander – Pelt Tanning donated by Krook Ranch and Fur Company and jackets with the coyote hunt logo on them.

The winner of the gun raffle was Brian Koppes. The gun was donated by Pryor Mountain Guns and High Caliber Plumbing & Heating. The gun was a Savage 22/250. There was a total of 20 Coyotes turned in by 8 teams. The total number of teams participating was 34. Funds raised by this event go to support the activities of the Joliet FFA members such as attendance at state and national events and the college scholarship fund of the Joliet FFA Alumni.