Joliet Food Bank donation awarded from Motorcycle group

Photo Courtesy of Carla Toth from the Joliet Food Bank Inside the new food bank area, food bank volunteers and board members receive a check in honor of Anne Clement from Beartooth Beemers board members and volunteers, including husband Bob Clement.

Every year, the Beartooth Beemers donate proceeds from their annual rendezvous ride at Lion’s Club to an organization of their choice. 

On Fri. Feb. 8th, volunteers from the Beartooth Beemers presented a $400 check to the Joliet Food bank, in honor of Anne Clement, a volunteer for the food bank as well as a co-chairwoman of the rendezvous. 
“This year, Anne was the organizer of the rendezvous and we knew how strongly she felt about the food bank. She almost ran the food bank,” explained Gary Smith, Beartooth Beemer volunteer. 
Celebrating 15 years, the BMW motorcycle club has brought as many as 250 riders from all over the world to participate in what they call, ‘the best little rally in the west.’ For three days in Aug. participants set up base camp at the Lion’s Club, where they ride during the day and partake in festivities at the campsite in the evening. Bob Clement, Beartooth Beemer co-chairmen explained that whatever funds leftover beyond their expenses are donated to different organizations. 
“We always donate to the improvement of the camp and find causes we feel good about,” Clement said. 
Food bank volunteer, Carla Toth stated, Beartooth Beemers decided to give a donation to the Joliet Food Bank in memory of Anne Clement to honor her commitment to the Beartooth Beemers and to her excellent work as a volunteer for the Joliet Food Bank.
Other organizations the club has donated to include: Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which offers beginner, intermediate, and advance classes, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Montana (CASA), the Beartooth Trails Association, and the Red Lodge Fire Dept. 
With as many as 32 states represented and 4 countries participating, Smith explained that after Ann died, the club didn’t know how it would continue. 
“When she passed away July 3rd, we felt the rally would fall apart, but people have really stepped up to help,” Smith stated.