Liars, Crooks and Thieves, oh my…

To the Editor,

Once again, the take no responsibility, Obama regime is at their finest. Or are they? They jammed this crappy health care down our throats, which they themselves, along with their union friends, Gov. workers, congress, and the president himself, don’t have to subscribe to, and after the President himself swore you could keep your insurance and your health care providers, guess what? You can’t! And if you try to keep your insurance as is, guess what? You will be paying a whole lot more! If they let you keep it that is. Big if. The news just reported that more people are signing up for Medicaid versus going to the exchanges. Guess who'll be paying for that? You and me. These con artists running the country can't get one thing right. Now they are going to bring in the 'best of the best', i.e. CEOs from major tech companies to help them get their website going right? Why in the hell didn't they do that to begin with?? OMG my grandma could have set up a website! It ain’t that hard! Instead, almost one billion of our tax dollars has already been spent on this debacle. Obamacare is imploding more and more each day. How much are these people going to be paid. ..from once again , our tax dollars? So that means a tax increase I would imagine, to pay for a program that they have had 3 years to work on! Of course as Nancy Pelosi said, they would have to pass the health care bill before they could see what was actually in it.

No wonder Max Baucus called it a "Train Wreck"!! He saw what was in it! Since Obama has been in office, this country has spiraled out of control. He is arrogant, divisive, and most importantly, he is incompetent. He makes decisions in total disregard to our constitution and our fundamental beliefs that made America great. He does it continually, and when he is challenged, he and his cronies change the rules. But, one must remember that he told us he was going to "fundamentally change this country”. He and his administration lie to the American people every single day. In fact, they have to make up lies to cover their lies. It seems when anyone is questioned about Benghazi, NSA spying, IRS targeting, terrorist activity, or any of the many other scandals,( uh, transparency??) their answers are always the same. The President either "doesn't know" or" it is being looked into". Or they use their redundant and predictable ‘ blame the Republicans and Bush’ malarkey. We have three more years to deal with the things these lying liars will be throwing at us. Next up will be amnesty for illegals. Ahhh!! This will destroy our country.

But in the meantime we will have to get out our checkbooks ( if you have a job, that is) and keep giving more money to the hungry Democratic regime that cannot and will not stop spending. Hang on because it's going to be a very rough 3 years. Pray for your families and friends to make it through the best they can. I am. In the meantime, start voting these power hungry losers out of office. If I want to live in a socialist society, I’d move to a socialist country. But I don’t. Do you? Because that is exactly where it looks like we are headed.


Lynette Burgan Roberts

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