Loved ones remembered at Rock Creek Resort

Photo by Alastair Baker Sophia Dalley with a butterfly that was released after the event.

A Celebration of Life was hosted by Beartooth Hospice Aug. 27 at Rock Creek Resort.

Dr. Bill George, Medical Director of Beartooth Hospice, opened proceedings by telling the 60 strong crowd, that it is “important to pause in our present work and appreciate moments that we shared with your loved ones and with you and family and friends.”

He called the work of hospice “intimate work” and that it reflected everyone’s “love, sacrifice, hope and appreciation.”

“That we witness and share with you reminds us of the great privilege it was that you invited us to help care for your family member and friends,” he said.

He talked of himself and his staff being “in awe” of people and their “devotion, grace, strength, selflessness and patience.”

Also, he reflected, there are funny stories that bring relief in a time of sadness.

Dr. George referred to the list of names in the remembrance program.

“Folks on this list are from 3 to 101 and all had a great sense of humor, loved life and loved to laugh. I have come to believe that Montanans, especially the ones I’ve got to know and care for, are unique and special because of their authenticity. You’re not afraid to express your fears, anxieties, frustrations and your joys,” he said.

Before turning the program over to Jim Johnson to sing several songs, Dr. George thanked his crew that is lead by Brandi Mains, Director of Hospice.

“They are very devoted and have huge hearts because they are broken all the time in this job,” said Dr. George.

Later, Lola Ashby read a poem from ‘The Next Place’ and Lanette Dalley, social worker, remembered those who had passed away in the last 18 months by reading off their names.

People then shared their fond memories of relatives and friends before butterflies were released into the evening sky.