Man arrested on explosives theft near Red Lodge

Ken Bray ATF Special Agent contacted CCN to inform about the arrest of an individual in the 550 lb of explosives theft from a bunker just south of Red Lodge. Montana's Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rod Ostermiller said marshals and members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives took 32-year-old Budd James Nesius of Wheatland, Wyo., into custody Monday in Grand Junction, Colo. Officials discovered in April that the explosives were missing from a USFS bunker near Red Lodge. The ATF announced in November that it had recovered all of the explosives. Bray did not provide any other details. Local families concerned about any potential incidents at Red Lodge schools had expressed great concern about the explosives and the theft. School officials had said that they had increased awareness and police said they had increased patrols around the schools. ———