Mayor Must Also Be A Proven Manager

To the Editor,  

Next Tuesday our choice for mayor of the City of Red Lodge must be the person with the experience to handle four major issues:

1) Finding competent replacements for our retiring Chief of Police, City Clerk, and Public Works directors;

2)  Repairing the now unsatisfactory state of communication between city government and the citizens of Red Lodge;

3) Implementing priority-based budgeting so as to make best use of our limited resources, for both capital improvements  and operations;  

4)Improving the business climate so that employers are encouraged to add the jobs that we badly need, and to create a more  business-friendly environment so that new businesses will come to Red Lodge. 

Only one candidate has the background and experience to ensure that Red Lodge can make a successful transition to the future.  That candidate is Ed Williams.   Your participation and vote is vital to the future health of our City!  


Warene Wall

Red Lodge