Motivational speaker inspires student’s success

Photo by Lizzie Blumenthal Motivational speaker, Scott Greenberg speaks to Red Lodge students.

On Jan. 13, Red Lodge Schools hosted motivational speaker, Scott Greenberg who shared his compelling story of overcoming cancer, completing a marathon and spoke about ways towards achieving success in the face of adversity. Red Lodge and Roberts students heard Greenberg discuss how to surpass “mental heckling” including fear and negative thoughts, and the importance of unity and respect towards each individual.

Being honest with the crowd, he stated, “In our world we have challenges. In our world, we have problems, but it’s our ability to be strong and make good choices no matter how bad things get.”

At the young age of 22, Greenberg was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer while pursuing his dream career in film at New York University. However, with humor and constant willpower to help battle the disease, Greenberg is 20 years cancer free today. Using cancer as a metaphor for life’s hiccups, Greenberg said, “Everyone of you will also get your cancer. We all face some sort of problems throughout life, but what really matters is what you do about it.”

Continuing the presentation, Greenberg remembered his childhood experienc e s - - be ing bul l i e d because he was Jewish and of a friend who committed suicide while in school together. His message emphasized the importance for both students and teachers to take time to understand an individual’s underlying story.

He also discussed negative self-talk that can hinder one’s ability to do their best, calling them mental “sandbags.” The things stopping you is mental junk that’s holding you down. Mental heckling is the mean voice inside your head, but just because it’s there doesn’t mean it’s true.” Asking the crowd to express their negative thoughts to the audience, one student said “It says I’m ugly,” another stated, “Everyone around me is more beautiful.”

Greenberg then provided a tool to help address mental heckling, the “fact vs. feelings test.” By looking at what is real and what may just be a feeling, individuals can cut loose those mental “sandbags” and achieve further success.

Fear and failure were also topi cs examined. Greenberg told students that both are important for growth and to “...feel fear and step right into it.” For example, Greenberg never thought he could run a marathon, but after six months of training, he completed the 26-mile Los Angeles Marathon and saw other runners with physical handicaps also complete the race. He encouraged students to try things they may be afraid of because “...regret comes from things I didn’t do,” Greenberg said.

“Believe in yourself, stick together and you will do miraculous things,” stated Greenberg in his final note.

Greenberg was able to visit Red Lodge thanks to the following organizations for their financial support: Red Lodge Inn, Red Lodge Area Community Foundat ion, Red Lodge High School Boosters, Red Lodge High School Student Council and Domestic and Sexual Violence Services of Carbon County.