Nip Tuck and Cuddle BHA works to reduce local cat populations

Photo by Eleanor Guerrero Roberta Pauley comforts a young feral cat as he awakens from surgery at Saturday’s Nip and Tuck in Red Lodge.

On Saturday, Aug. 23, the Beartooth Humane Alliance’s (BHA) Operation Nip and Tuck event was taking place at the Carbon County Fairgrounds in Red Lodge. In all, 111 animals were treated in this round.

To date BHA has ‘fixed’ 4,135 cats and dogs in the last 12 years.

It was a warm and cozy atmosphere inside the big Fairgrounds structure despite the warehouse surroundings. The volunteers took special care of their charges. This event was solely for the spaying and neutering of cats.

Dr. Rebecca Frank of Grizzly Peak Animal Hospital, a member of the vet team working on the animals said, “We have heated rice bags so that the cats are kept warm along with a blanket wrapped around them. Volunteers speak comfortingly to them so they wake up hearing soothing voices.”

“It’s great fun!” said volunteer Ruth Fheller, as she proceeded to cuddle her cat. Men and women sat around tables cuddling and cooing over their cats. The clinic is intended to help low income residents who cannot afford to have their cat fixed and for all residents to control barn and feral cat populations.

Volunteer Roberta Pauley said she had a young feral cat as she spoke soothingly to him. Still groggy, he looked up and seemed to acknowledge the love.