No Snow Berms

To the Editor,

Really, is it necessary to drag your snowblade across driveways so that you leave a 2-3 foot berm of snow and ice? We pay to have our yard and driveway plowed out only to come home to a 3-foot beam of frozen down snow and ice. Unable to shovel and move it with the snow blower or metal shovel because it is frozen solid, we can only drive the truck back and forth in hope of making a clear trail so that our car can get out to go to work. Might I suggest you take some lessons from your predecessors who lifted the blade in time so as not to block us out of our house? This has been very frustrating to us and I’m sure to the rest of the people on our road, especially when the fix is so simple. Also, plowing snow up against the fence on the road leads people to believe that it “is” the road and not a three-foot drop off into a ditch. We have had multiple people drive on it, drop through and get stuck in the last month alone. Please talk to past snow plowers and see if this can be remedied.

Renee Murray