Not Surprised

Why are we not surprised that the City Council’s informal poll of the business community shows that the consensus was to continue the Beartooth Rally? Rather like asking a fox if he wants the hen house door kept open. The business community has great self-interest in the Rally and it’s continuation, so the poll was hardly from a wide sample or a neutral sample.

Why not poll the rest of us for another informal survey? The Council may find that many of us leave town during the Rally due to noise and a feeling that the town is being taken over. An even wider poll may show some tourist/visitors beginning to avoid Red Lodge during the Rally. And not just during the Rally. The Beartooth Rally seems to be creeping into town before the main event and afterwards as well.

A poll may find that there are Red Lodge citizens concerned that the town is becoming a motorcycle Mecca, discouraging other types of tourism.


Betsy McGee

Red Lodge