Obama spells Lenin

To the Editor:
Our President likes to compare himself with Harry Truman and even Abe Lincoln. I see a greater likeness with Vladimir Lenin. Both lawyers with little formal economic training, who sought to bring fundamental change to their governments. Both men believed in income redistribution and rigid regulation. The affordable care act already has 20,000 pages of regulations and Dodd-Frank almost as many.
Both adopted their economic leanings from populist thinkers. Lenin from Carl Marx and Obama from what he could learn of his father and other African leaders. He wrote a book, “Dreams of My Father.” In America, Obama studied under Edward Siad and Roberto Unger. He was married by and worshiped under Jeremiah Wright for nearly 20 years. All of the above were contemptuous of America and of business people.
In early 2010, when unemployment was 9.7 percent and about double that for Americans under 30, he held an economic summit. He failed to include the Chamber of Commerce or the NFIB, the two groups that represent the small business people in America that create 70 percent of all new employment. He boasts of more than five million new jobs but the work force would have grown by 12 million since he became president, had workforce participation held constant.
His Dept. of Justice has sold guns illegally to Mexican drug lords. They went on a fishing expedition with phone surveillance on AP reporters. After our Libyan Ambassador had requested more security, the Dept. of State reduced his security resulting in his and three other deaths. State failed to make any effort to thwart the attack. They put out a totally fabricated story about the attack. The IRS has ated illegally toward conservation groups requesting 501 (c) (4) designation. The IRS has investigated Rev. Billy Graham, his son and many others after they took political positions in opposition to the administration. Yet the administration claims no one knew, no one is responsible, they will fix it.
Meanwhile, HHS Secretary is demanding tribute from corporations to explain and promote Obama Care. Sure reminds me of Russia under communism. They too, were ruthlessly oppressive and incompetent.

Alvin Ellis, Jr.
Red Lodge