Outstanding Cop

To the Editor,

There are some bad cops; there are many more good ones.

But then there are those who are outstanding. Chief Hibler falls into this category. He brought a pleasant change to Red Lodge policing, one that made people forget about the reputation Red Lodge cops had previously been known for.

There was no more tazing of our kids, no more tourists complaining of being roughed up, and people who’d had too much to drink were being given rides home in the cop cars - not to mention the diminished amount of criminal activity here on his watch.

He even coached at Red Lodge High in his “spare time” to get to know our kids. He brought the community into greater awareness of crime and the EMS system with his Red Lodge Citizen’s Academy program, one that was excellent both in its content and presentation.

In other words, this guy made one huge effort to make our community safer and better.

So we need to ask ourselves: Why wasn’t he and his department supported by the Red Lodge City Council members? The County Attorney? The county law enforcement?

Better yet, perhaps we need to hear it from them.


Cynthia Marble

Red Lodge