Percentage doesn’t reflect truth

To the Editor, Fracking protesters, the Carbon County Resource Council, and even a reporter of the Carbon County News have been touting a number which needs to be addressed. 85 percent is the number these folks claim is the percentage of the population against fracking, as identified in a recent Carbon County News poll. It was mentioned at a forum last week, in a hearing before the Board of Oil and Gas on Dec. 12, as well as in an article, "Frack Fighters" published the same date in the Carbon County News. Upon visiting the now closed poll site, it was revealed that only 443 people responded to the poll, 379 "against" fracking. With a population of more than 10,000 in Carbon County, the math simply doesn't add up. To say that 85 percent of the population is against fracking is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts. Here's to getting the truth out, and to hoping the area's news reporters provide a little more transparency and truth on matters that affect the community as much as the future drilling and exploration of Carbon County's resources. It's not the place of any news source to further polarize an already controversial topic. Jessica Sena Helena