Police Blotter

Dec. 16

07:56: Caller says their neighbor in Red Lodge is outside screaming 20:10: An individual is walking down Highway 78 in the middle of the road wearing dark clothing.

Dec. 17

12:47: Caller and family, including a child, are stuck in a drift on a Forest Service road in the Pryor Mountains. Unknown if a tow truck can get in there. They have food/water, etc. FS says it’s unlikely the road is plowed. S&R called out to get the people out, vehicle will have to wait.

Dec. 18

07:27: South of Fromberg, loose horses, a white and a sorrel, a caller’s husband ran them up McCormick Lane by a place that had other horses where they will hopefully stay. 16:45: Someone came onto neighbor’s property in Roberts with a tractor and trailer and took some of his stuff / one item being a vehicle.

Dec. 19

13:03: Caller’s dog was stolen / a red car was reportedly parked in front of caller’s house, Lower River Road, Fromberg, at approx. 5 a.m. Caller thinks it might possibly be involved in the theft.

Dec. 20

17:47: Caller reports what appears to be kids that have been hot rodding in a Red Lodge neighborhood are now stuck on a snow bank. Was just a family trying to park, got stuck.