Police Blotter Jan. 13-Jan. 15

Jan. 13

02:13 A male pushed caller down and pushed his face into the sidewalk outside a Red Lodge business.

07:44 Found 2 big white golden retriever type dogs on Obert Road/they have porcupine quills in their snouts.

10:37 Caller was assaulted by son who took the car and left.

14:56 Caller lost blond colored dog on Highway 212

17:27 Caller came home in Red Lodge from skiing, the hot tub had a beer can in it, was dirty and socks were laying around, Has had other trespass problems previously.

18:16 South Shore Road at Cooney is total ice and caller just slid down the hill backwards with a trailer. Wanted a sand truck sent out.

21:28 A naked male came over caller’s internet. Fromberg Officer responded.

21:38 There is a loud garage band at the house on corner in Red Lodge.

Jan. 12

00:14 Two males fighting in front of Red Lodge business. UTL upon officer arrival.

05:54 Four horses out on Highway 72.

08:13 Caller in Red Lodge has had trespassers again / patio furniture has been thrown around.

14:48 Someone tried to break into a barn near Roberts last night.

Jan. 13

23:30 Request removal of disorderly male from Roberts business. Has been warned numerous times.

23:47 Fight in progress in Roberts.

Jan. 14

01:17 Neighbors shop in Bridger is on fire. Oxygen tanks inside for welding.

02:46 Deputy out with someone walking down the middle of the road near Joliet / stems from a disagreement / both parties there now. Parties advised they were "grouchy" and argument was over cigarettes.

06:02 Neighbor has been out snowplowing since

05:30/ongoing complaint in Red Lodge.

08:49 A semi has jack knifed on Main Street, Bridger.

10:31 Found a female Border Collie on Powder River Lane/ will keep it for now.

12:05 Joliet caller reporting a stolen ring that was taken around Halloween, 2013.

14:13 Bridger officer out with a distressed female. 17:25 Complaining again about neighbor’s dog on S. Adams. Jan. 15

14:52 ATV was taken approx August, 2012. Discovered missing in August, 2013. Been located with brother. Did not have permission to take it.

15:58 A turkey near residence on N. Adams, Red Lodge, has a severely broken leg. Contacted FWP, they advised as long as it’s able to move and eat, just leave it alone to heal up. Caller advised he can move and is not down, unable to provide for itself.

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