Police Blotter Jan. 16-25

Jan. 16
11:17  Caller in Joliet reports a few days ago a male pushed him at his father’s house.

12:14  Two dogs /mixed breed /hanging around Red Lodge business. Blk/white and tan/white, have collars but no tags.  

13:48 Someone racing a ski doo up and down the streets in Belfry.

15:28  Caller is concerned about a pickup that parks on caller’s property in Joliet and driver leaves 2 Rottweilers in the back/they intimidate people as they walk by.   
Jan. 17
15:31  Caller reports a dog attack that occurred Jan. 16. Caller was walking his dogs in the Silver Run area. Another dog attacked caller’s dog.

Jan. 18
01:52   Caller reports 2 males and 1 female causing a disturbance in Joliet starting to become violent.
07:50   A big blk Newfoundland type dog running around N. Hauser area in Red Lodge/caller is unable to catch it/Red Lodge Officer adv dog appears hungry.

 Jan. 19
02:11   Red Lodge Officer out with a vehicle, 9th and Haggin, that has a male behind the wheel/ appears to be either asleep or passed out, will try to wake him up. He was not in the right vehicle.
Jan. 20
10:44 Suspicious male at an ATM machine, Red Lodge /entering numbers in several times. Red Lodge Officer reports the guy had a card/was having trouble with it.
15:52   A male is knocking on caller’s door in Joliet. Believes it is a neighbor whose dog was killing their chickens so caller killed the dog.

16:57  Two males on Sorrel horses with 3 pack horses stopped by caller’s house on Bridger-Fromberg Road and asked how far Bridger was/ they just asked that question and continued riding / Caller called in case someone is missing horses. 
20:54  A RADD that took off at a high rate of speed towards Red Lodge with a male and female in the vehicle, both highly intoxicated.  They had pulled into parking lot and turned their dogs loose.  Caller told them they could not turn their dogs loose there. Dogs were gathered up and vehicle left at a high rate of speed.
Jan. 22
18:00 Caller reporting a stabbing that is reported to have occurred in Carbon County, Silesia area/parties are in Laurel at a gas station.
Jan. 23
08:41  Caller is missing two dogs /one blk/whi the other is a tan lab on Palisades Campground Road.
Jan. 24
17:11  Caller has been receiving numerous calls from a possible scammer wanting access to caller’s computer.  when told “no” the caller became very verbally offensive and threatening and is continuously calling.
Jan. 25                         
07:32  A buck deer tangled in Christmas lights 19th and McGillan. Red Lodge officer cut the deer loose and adv if we get any reports of Christmas tree lights flashing in the night, it’s just the deer.

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