Police Blotter.01.23

Dec. 2813:34 - Caller’s car got backed into at Joliet High School. Nobody around , Joliet officer responded.13:38 - Deputy checked car on Highway 310 and 72/ is off the road and nobody around.21:48 - Not far from the turn on to the Edgar Fromberg Road by Edgar, a ford car appears stuck and driver also appears intoxicated. Dec. 2901:41 - Fight in progress in front of Red Lodge business. Six people involved.01:51 - Red Lodge Officer out in a fist fight in Red Lodge.02:06 - Male and Female arguing over car in Fromberg.02:18 - A couple of guys arguing with a guy in a house in a alley in Red Lodge. 12:50 - FAA/SLC, reports Air Force SAR got an anonymous call about the Billings Tower getting a call that, on either landing or takeoff, a small plane flipped on its back, possibly on a private strip near Roberts Cooney Dam area. Dispatch had received no emergency callsAt 14:19  AF, Panama City, FL, reports they have spoken to the pilot, flipped it S of residence.  No injuries. 20:44 - Someone has unscrewed approx 12 floodlight light bulbs from the back parking lot of a Red Lodge business.Dec. 3009:04 -  Found a female/Husky mix dog/approx 3 years on Selms Road.  Has a chip from Idaho on it/ listed phone numbers are all disconnected.  Caller did call BHA and will keep the dog for a while. 10:07  - A neighbor shot caller’s dog on Pryor Road.  Caller admits that they had complained that his dog chased their horses through a fence. 10:23  - Someone has thrown eggs at caller’s house door in Red Lodge. Dec. 3108:31 - Caller in Red Lodge reports that one of his cards had been hacked and phones added to his Cell phone account from the West Coast. Caller worked with card and Cell phone companies and got the phones taken off and bill credited. 18:03 - Caller near Joliet is stuck on county road, doesn't want a tow truck,  just wants a man to push.  Thinks her ex passed her on road and could be at her house vandalizing it while she is stuck, "it is just like him to come when it's snowing so he can cover his tracks." Deputy responding. 18:21caller called back, got unstuck / went home - no one was there.20:32  - Male walked out without paying a Joliet business.  Did the same at another business. 21:21 - Caller accidentally turned onto the railroad tracks in Bridger instead of the gravel road, went about 50 yds, a friend pulled him off, but now is concerned that damage could have been done to the tracks.  Bridger Officer responded /spoke to RP / checked tracks/ they are fine.  Jan. 100:32 - Red Lodge Officer out with an extremely intoxicated male/refused a ride/Officer will follow him home / individual decided to crawl in and get a ride 01:06 - Female on Broadway, Red Lodge, needs a ride home03:17 - A bunch of people throwing snowballs at business windows because they can't get in. Red Lodge Officer reports UTL no one outside.03:29 - Red Lodge Officer reports a house with a door wide open/a broken window and it appears the door has been kicked in04:52 - Two naked males behind Red Lodge business / Red Lodge Officer will be clear / the individuals didn't want to come out and talk.08:32 - A fight with two men in the parking lot in Red Lodge.  12:52 - Caller in Joliet would like to speak to officers about neighbor's shooting.   Jan.210:01 - Boyfriend hit caller a couple nights ago in Silesia. Jan .3 12:03 - Missing a male/Yellow Lab, S. grant, Red Lodge.13:54 - Found a Male/Tan/Malamute type dog, Joliet, Carbon and Park. 16:59 - A horse across from brewery is almost out of the fence.  There is alarge snow drift by the fence and the horse had one leg over it while attempting to get the grass on the other side.21:13 - Numerous people possibly tresspassing in a hot tub, Red Lodge.23:27 - Dispatch can hear female yelling in background / sounds of glass breaking. Caller says wife is drunk and destroying things. Highway 310. Jan. 4 23:41 - Caller reports husband took truck and making threats/arguing.  Fromberg officer responded.                   Jan. 6 09:08 - Found a Female/blk & white/mini-Australian Shepherd, HWY 310 BY Yellowstone county line.09:30 - Caller is concerned for the welfare of a horse that appears to not have food or water and has not moved in a while, north end of county. 20:46 - Black cow out on Highway 421.  22:22 - Fire alarm and toxic smell in kitchen unknown cause / Red Lodge fire responded and found the source of smoke was a rice warmer in the microwave.  Jan. 705:14 - A neighbor's dog is chasing RP's horses and llamas/the dog is not friendly. Cow Creek Road17:14 - Caller received a threatening call from a male(sounded African-American) and then received another threatening call from a male(sounded like a person from India.)  Jan. 8 08:45 - Caller is building a house in Red Lodge and someone is coming in at night and messing the place up. 12:52 - Dog attacked another dog in Belfry.  Caller beat it off with a stick. 15:49 - Male keeps trespassing on his property in Belfry and in his garage/ has been told to stay away / is there now.   Jan. 900:50 - A male assaulted another patron /Bridger officer responded / utl suspect. Jan. 10 10:20 - Lost a Male, Husky with a Blue collar and has a tag, Red Lodge, Cenex South. 14:36  - A male that was living with caller had stolen a debit card and made some purchases.

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