Preserve the Beartooths

To the Editor,

I recently read an article in the Carbon County News dated 10/31/13 titled “Drilling Proposed in the Beartooths”.   This is the worst idea that can ever be proposed for such an area that is filled with agriculture, offers seclusion, beauty and recreational opportunities.  All those attributes will go away and why do I say that…because I live in the Bakken, Williston, N.D. and can attest to the fact that the Bakken has done nothing but destroy the agricultural surroundings that use to prosper in the immediate area, the beauty is gone and recreational activities are not as peaceful as they once were. Anybody who wants to bring the Bakken to the Beartooths is looking for a quick “buck” and not looking out for the welfare of the residents of the surrounding areas.  

Your roads will quickly deteriorate, the towns will be full of transient workers who send their money back home and rarely add anything constructive to the communities.  Developers will come in and start charging unbelievable rent and high density housing developments sprout up everyway with no interest in following local planning and zoning rules and regulations.  How do I know this…because I live in the Bakken. Local services are strained to the point of collapsing.  When the Bakken arrived in Williston ND, community services, such as, medical, police, EMTs, and fireman were lacking in numbers and those services were not able to keep up with the influx of people. The school district was put into peril.  The school enrollment increased 38% in four years.  More teachers were hired, modular classrooms were erected and the costs to the school district skyrocketed.  

Funding from state government did not cover the magnitude of expenses that plagued the district. How do I know this…because I am a school board member. Economic development done the right way is great, but economic development based on a “Bakken” attitude is a recipe for disaster.  How do I know this…I live in the Bakken.

Susan Brokaw

Williston N.D.

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