Prinkki to work with City on Airport Road

Carbon County Commissioner John Prinkki spoke before the Red Lodge City Council last week to reignite the Interlocal agreement which would oversee the paving of the gravel road that runs south of the Red Lodge Fairgrounds into Remington Ranch. The original agreement had been turned down when Commissioners Doug Tucker and John Grewell voted against the idea, believing it to be a “misuse of county funds.”

The plan is to pave the road during the forthcoming Highway Construction Project.

Prinkki said at the meeting that although he understood Tucker and Grewell’s votes he believed “no issue is never really over and we’re not going to let this one wither.”

“I will just have to respect their vote but traditionally we let each district run their own operation the way they have and I will still work with those Commissioners to find another way get this accomplished,” said Prinkki. “I think we will be able to get this thing done, it is not a huge expense to this county, probably $6,000 - $7,000 of labor and equipment. We’re looking up to 3 days with two people working a motor grader and a roller. I will keep working with the Mayor and city council to get that project done.”

City Council member Bill Foisy appreciated Prinkki bringing up the issue.

In the meeting saying The County and City get gas tax money and therefore need to pave your roads and everyone acknowledges the roads everywhere need to be upgraded, and I thought your proposal is a cost efficient way to do this otherwise it wouldn’t be able to be done. And remember if we can’t work it out, there is 2,500 cubic yards of millings coming to Red Lodge and we’d rather use it on this project,” he said.

“We will find a way to get it done,” said Mayor Ed Williams.

Other items: The Council approved Use of City Owned Land for July 17-21 for Bone Daddys Custom Circle to use the campground on Rodeo Drive.