Proposed round-abouts

To the Editor, I don’t believe that the general population of our area is fully aware of the implications planned for the upcoming Highway 212/Highway 78 projects. Two round-abouts are scheduled, one at the junction of 212/78 and one at the 2 Mile Bridge Road on Highway 212. These are to be single lane round-abouts due to the shortage of land area. The small diameter will restrict the turning radius needed by long loads. Montana Department of Transportation had adamantly refused to reconsider these round-abouts despite repeated requests to do so by the City for the last four years plus. The “problem” with congestion at Highways 212/78 can be resolved with two left hand turning lanes. I am writing to assist the public in realizing what may be in their future. Comments, pro or con, can be sent to Director, Montana Department of Transportation, and Box. 201001, Helena, MT 59620-1001 or to Gov. Steve Bullock, Box 200801, Helena, MT 59620- 0801. Once the project is let for construction, no changes would be made, so if anyone would like to have input they should act soon. Copies of correspondence should be sent to Mayor Williams after Jan. 1 as well so the local government can be aware of the wishes of the citizens. Brian Roat Mayor Red Lodge