Rams in heartbreaker

Photo by Alastair Baker

Rams Levi Lynde is fouled by

the Missoula Loyola offense.

The Red Lodge Rams just failed in their bid to reach the semi finals of the football championships losing by the narrowest of margins 34-33 to Missoula Loyola. In a see-saw encounter, Loyola seemed to be sitting comfortably at 13-0 midway through the 2nd quarter when the Rams struck back with two quick touchdowns. The comeback was thwarted by a personal foul on a Loyola player which saw a 15 yard penalty against the Rams, taking them back towards their own line from where Missoula regained the lead prior to half time. The second half proved to be as equally stunning with Loyola penetrating the Rams defense twice more to lead 27-14. Again Red Lodge came back, driving their points up to 27 before Loyola exploited another hole to take it to 34-27. With the seconds winding down, the Rams pushed Loyola to their goal line and secured a touchdown. The option to tie the game with the conversion kick was pushed aside for the two point conversion but it was not to be and with 18 seconds on the clock, Loyola regained possession. For more photos of the game please click here.