RCF Grants $10,000 to Fire Department

Courtesy photo Left to right,  Jane Zumbrun, Alan Schuyler, Trish Morris, Gordon Hill, Jeff Krook, Chris DeVries and Hunter Bell with the $10,000 RCF Grant.

The Roberts Community Foundation is pleased to announce the awarding of a $10,000 grant to the Roberts Volunteer Fire Department to help with the installation of kitchen facilities in the Roberts Fire Hall.  The Foundation was honored to have the RFD volunteers attend their October meeting to present their project, and noted the fact that almost the entire group was present shows their commitment and dedication to their community.  

Long needed, the kitchen will have modern appliances, including a cook top, double-wall oven, refrigerator and a vent hood, new cabinets and countertops.  The construction and installation is being done by Appliance & Cabinet Center of Billings, which is donating 10% of the costs to the project.  Additional costs of plumbing, electrical and flooring will bring the project total to $20,000. The RCF grant covers half of the total estimated cost. 

The volunteers and Fire Board have been working hard to gather donations and funding for this project for the past year.  According to Fire Chief, Hunter Bell, “Adding a kitchen will make this building a more user friendly community hall. We have a real need for this in our community. We hope that members of our community will see the Fire Hall as a place to hold family gatherings, receptions, meetings and events.”

RCF wholly supports the Volunteer Fire Department and appreciates their dedication to Roberts.   Helping to upgrade the community’s Fire Hall with kitchen facilities is a real boon for Roberts and its residents.   The Fire Hall is currently a site used by organizations such as the 4-H Club, local board & ditch company meetings, elections, quilters and prayer groups as well as various family functions.  Bell hopes the project will be completed by the first of the year.  “Here’s wishing everyone many years of use and enjoyment of our Fire Hall,” the Foundation noted, “and don’t forget the RVFD Annual Pig Roast on June 7, 2014.” If you would like to help RCF with projects like this, send your donation to:  Roberts Community Foundation, Box 284, Roberts, MT   59070.   Or contact them at 406-445-2453.